Monday, November 5, 2012


Unproductive week stuck at the apartment due to the hurricane. I'm working around one active outlet and very slow internet:(
Classes start again this week, but the subway's aren't running so I'm planning to walk to the city today. hmmh....

Friday, November 2, 2012

Animal Illustrations

These were poster designs for my Illustration Design Studio class at Parsons
More of my illustrations here!

HNY Street Art

My most recent Hello New York issue on street artists
(photos by my sweet roomy Haruka<3)

KUBE opening night

Kevin and I drove upstate to visit the new KUBE gallery by Ethan Cohen
It was very exciting to see the new space, and it was a great escape from the hustle of the city:)

Ethan, Kevin and I

This is the logo I designed for Ethan Cohen Gallery:

The KUBE logo is still a work in progress! Will post about it soon:)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Shimokita Summer Days

ジルの連載ページ、Hello New YorkのNGショット

Photo by Charles

My comparison between Brooklyn and Shimokitazawa (Tokyo)
Topics on book stores, restaurants & records, desserts, vintage stores, thrift stores, cafes, and culture

Pages from Jille with Saki, Miyu, and Nana

Saturday, August 11, 2012


HELLO NEW YOOORK VOL 10!! 10~!!!!!
This will be the last Hazel promotional page for this summer

私は、ファションは自分の個性を表現する道具だと思っています。友達のザックと作る下着のブランドHAZEL (ヘーゼル)では、女性の体の自然の美しさを出す事を目指して、着心地がよくファショナブルな物を作るのが目標!

Allan Tannenbaum
70s night scene in New York 

from my monthly page on JILLE

Friday, August 10, 2012

jille x yuge

Glossary was born!!!

「Glossary of  Yuge x Jille」とっても可愛いです!!
今日からJILLE STORE限定でGET!!!できるよ

designer yuge and I at the opening party. かんぱい!!

Trip's Angels


Trips Angels' No8 VANI and T/L/A launch party!!!!! 
Photos by Tanabe Mami


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

lil D

Picture by Noriaki Hashimoto
(just made it to the studio with a massive hangover) 

Steven Alan dress from Dianne
my favorite piece of clothing and my inspiration:)
Dianne lives and works in Copenhagen now! lucky girrrl

親友のダイアンに貰ったSteven Alanのドレス♪
悲しいけど、また会う時に色んな話をして盛り上がるのが楽しみです!!!Thank you and I miss you lots Di

Monday, August 6, 2012

Naomi ♥ IKEA

I'm starring in the ikea commercial this season!!!! (sharing my potato chips with Javier)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

From Diesel Gallery


渋谷Diesel Art GalleryChristian Joyショーに行きました!
Yeah Yeah Yeahsのヴォーカル、Karen Oのコスチュームデザインは、彼女が作っています!!独特なスタイルとクオリティーを持つ彼女のコスチュームやテキスタイルは、Brooklynにあるアトリエで1点1点手仕事で作っているみたいです。話を聞いていてますますファンになりました!

切り絵プリント & シルクスクリーン works




via Rolling Stone
falling in love やっぱり素敵でした♡♡