Friday, July 6, 2012


Heyheyheyyy. This is my first post on my lingerie project that I've been working on.
I've been waiting for the right time to share this with you.. now i don't know where to begin
Here is a sneak peak for now.. haha LET YOUR IMAGINATION GROW!!

♡where I started♡

♡the look♡

♡the feel♡

♡the survey♡

Apparently 109 girls don't believe in comfortable lingerie...
overall 'cute' got the most votes!
more surveys to come:)

♡the logo♡

(not there yet..

This project is a combination of my experiences as a design student x modeling in New York and Tokyo 
I'm interested in NY in the 70s, french lingerie, and the women's body
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♡the partner♡

My friend Zach (studied Fashion Design at Parsons) and I are joining forces this summer to produce a lingerie line that encourages (Japanese) girls to be comfortable expressing themselves. I wish for this brand to grow on them and to bring out their natural beauty. women, we are BEAUTIFUL!!

We are designing fit, comfortable pieces that are simple + cute. the idea is to have them worn seamlessly. like it's part of their body. or worn like their meant to be seen. or somewhere in between..

I wish to do a promotional something by the end of the summer, some events in the winter, and a launch party/pop up store by next summer! (if all goes as planned) 
I'll keep you updated through my blog:)

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